Kim Martin

I had decided that to increase the quality and gene pool of my mares
here in Australia that I needed to import a mare/filly from Germany.
Being a busy mother with young children the time was not right to fly
to Germany and undergo the arduous task of finding a mare/filly as I
did not know anyone from Germany and buying through auctions can be
very stressful and have many unexpected costs. It is also a place of
much disappointment when you have your heart set on a foal/horse that
goes way above your budget. Not wanting to buy from the larger studs
who generally keep their higher quality progeny, I wanted to buy from a
boutique small German farm with proven progeny. I was extremely
fortunate to find Dorle and Bernd, through an Australian friend, who
not only met my requirement but offered such outstanding quality horses
within my budget and made the whole buying process hassle free. I was
very pleased to buy Once in a Lifetime (Don Romantic x Stedinger) from
Dorle and Bernd, they made the purchase very easy all without leaving
home and were very helpful in finding high quality care in Germany
whilst she grows. From video and photographs to vet check to payment
and care, the process was handled with high level efficiency and
excellent advice. I would recommend anyone to buy a horse from Dorle
and Bernd. Kim Martin WA, Australia